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Teens and Suicide: What parents should know

It can be a very scary experience to have your teenager express suicidal thoughts. Seeing our kids in pain makes us feel helpless and clumsy with our words and sometimes, our actions. The important thing is to make sure that your child or teen knows that you are on their side, that you are supportive, and that you will give them a nonjudgmental place to share. Here are some resources and tips that might provide a way to start the conversation with your child/teen. Don't be afraid to have those conversations.

The Association for Suicide Prevention has many great resources for parents. Here are several articles posted on their website to help parents identify signs of depression and how to approach your teen with various topics related to suicide:

The question about how to parent and enforce rules and limits when your teen is depressed can also be a stressful struggle. Here is a great resource on how to navigate the issue from verywell family:

I hope that these resources provide some much needed insight, reinforcement and encouragement to continue being supportive and honest with your teen.